We Buy seafood!

We Buy seafood! We Buy live-seafood, fresh frozen-seafood and dry-seafood from all over the world! We are Beijing Princess Seafood international Trade Co, Ltd., an international trade company specializing in the import of seafood, purchasing seafood products from various countries all over the world, and acting as an agent in such business, wholesaling seafood products in several big cities of China and running factories culturing seafood in China.

We are engaged in the procurement of various seafood, like American live red rock lobsters, geoduck and conches; Mexico water geoducks, california geoduck, sichuan geoduck, seven sister geoduck, and rock lobster; England, Ireland, and Scotland brown crabs, blue lobsters and langoustines; Australia snow crabs, king crabs, rock lobsters and abalones, New Zealand live lobsters and green mussels, Scampi; Canada dungeness crabs and boston lobsters; Norway salmons; French oysters; and other seafood products from Brazil, Africa, Korea, etc.

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